Guardian Vexor Revival

So the Guardian Vexor can use 6 drones, which is convenient. The name is pretty convenient too, “Guardian”.

Think about the formation of scan probes. It takes 6 of them to pinpoint an object, N,S,E,W,U,D.

What if there was a new type of Sentry drone, that could be deployed into that scan probe formation around a target, and detect things you can’t see, say, a cloaked ship sneaking up on the target?

How could these drones see a cloaked ship, while normal scan probes can’t, you ask? Mass, and computing power.

These new drones keep a visual watch inside their formation, but they’re also able to calculate the total mass within their formation. These two functionalities together are incredibly processor intensive, so it’s limited to a small area around a target.

When the drones have detected a fluctuation in the amount of mass in their formation, they see if there’s an equally significant change in the visual field of their formation, if a lot of mass shows up all of a sudden, and there’s nothing on the radar, there must be a cloaked ship sneaking up.

While these drones can provide an early warning for a guardian that someone’s sneaking up on their target, they can’t pinpoint the new masses position, nor can they decloak it.

While we’re at it, let’s make things fun. Give the Guardian Vexor, and these new drones, cloaking themselves.

iirc it can field ten drones

In b4 lock of yet another “da cloak hurt ma feelings” thread.

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All this time I’ve read that as a role bonus. I never realized it was a per-level bonus. Damn, even better. Make it so you need at least 6 drones to make the formation and the more drones in the formation the faster it works.

As far as feelings are concerned, I just like messing with mechanics.

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I totally agree I just like throwing ideas at the wall when it comes to mechanics and if someone else likes a great if they don’t great too but it seems like everybody on the forums to get their pecker caught in zipper and they get all pissy when you bring up an idea just an idea but they still get pissy

I mean there’s a whole forum section dedicated to that kinda thing so I can ignore it.

No one will field a multiple 100B ship to decloak someone , thoses ships stay in highsec for ever.

Your idea is just stupid

I’m sure the suggestion also includes making the blueprints available smarty-pants.
I don’t exactly support the idea - I don’t don’t see myself or others using it often.
But why does it have to be a guardian vexor? Why not just make a fresh hull at that point, if you’re going to put it into such a specialized role?

Because the OP has no idea what a guardian Vexor really is… prob. Thinks it has the same value as other faction cruiser

I doubt they would want to devalue the Guardian Vexor stock, there’s one on contracts right now for 600billion which is probably a bit high since no one’s picked it up, but probably not more than double what it’s worth.

Creating a new ship is a much more likely result for a new mechanic. Some new tech 2 SoE ship would make more sense to me, or some other t2 empire ship variant, or even say a module for an existing class like the heavy interdictor.

Lets forget about the Guardian Vexor name for a minute. I couldn’t care less what it’s called, I have a tendency to try and utilize existing things with ideas rather than completely reinvent a wheel and that ship was convenient for the idea.

How about, the Guardian Angel. Keeps the whole Guardian theme, doesn’t taint the Vexor version, and opens a new track for Guardian series.

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