Guardians of the Hole - WH PvP Recruiting

Guardians of the Hole is a New PVP wormhole Alliance that has a nice C5 Red giant.

What we are going to be doing:

~Regular Bombing
~Null and low sec roams via other wormholes
~Making isk to fund our shenanigans

We currently have a core group of EUTZ pilots and a few USTZ.

What we are looking for:

~No drama
~People who want to help us develop a fun culture and strong group of friends
~EU or USTZ corporations. Small ones starting out are ok
~People who dont mind being paid to scan wormholes everyday

We also dont mind talking to small indy corps who actually want to help us produce doctrine ships and mods.

Any of this sounds good then hop on our discord: and say hi and feel free to ask us questions.

Still waiting to hear from you.

Hop on our discord today.

Give us a shout.

Still looking for corps and pilots.

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