[GUIDE] Minmatar Liberation Games Event

Note: This event is intended to be ran in groups.

It’s possible to solo the sites in highsec with the ~55m Rupture fit provided in the blogpost, but I would still recommend, to bring a friend.

If you have further questions or find a typo please, let me know!


And where is it said about this in the game or the news?
I really wanted to get positive emotions and flew there with great hope.
I could not find out what was waiting for me at the place of the celebration of the Minmatar holiday. Therefore, I could not prepare for such a terrible result of the holiday in any way.
But I was influenced by all the means of electronic warfare that are only available in the game.
I couldn’t do anything with the enemies and as a result, my caracal was destroyed.

For such a terrible attitude of the game developers to the players, I have to stop playing.
The Eve online game has been deleted from my computer. (google translate)

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