Guristas Hunt

OK so before unscheduled downtime I ran a site, and found the Pod… but what do I do with it? I can’t scoop to cargo hold… do I shoot it? what does this mean “don’t forget to collect empty capsules”

Блин народ че за … Я прыгнул в аномалию и попал в систему J145440. Как из нее выбраться ???
Путь прокладывается, но не прыгает никуда, даже автопилот не помогает. Что делать ???
Корабль разбили пиратские линкоры и я на капсуле завис в этой системе.

You can sell them in the CONCORD LP store if you want.

I think next years Guristas Hunt event should have eggs that different colored and thus different LP values such as 250 , 1,500 and 5,000 LP.

how do you sell them i don’t see them on the list in the lp store

That I don’t know. I am just the messenger in this case. I didn’t even know you can pick them up.

what do i do with those eggs which i get sometimes o.o?
does anyone know about that o-o?
and why writting ppls suddenly russian in a english forum xwx! (i hope that didnt sounded rassistic x.x)

Just now I’m finding the event rather underwhelming. All too often the event only involves a handful of npcs. I ran one during the server shenanigans yesterday and the last few ships warped off before I could complete, then the server shut down before I had a chance to scoop my MTU (or my drones).

Damn che people for … I jumped into the anomaly and got into the system J145440. How to get out of it ??
The path is laid, but does not jump anywhere, even the autopilot does not help. What to do ???
The ship broke pirate battleships and I hung on the capsule in this system.

Google translate for the gist

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