Guy Paid to Get out of Wormhole

So I was in a wormhole and someone begged me in local to fleet up with him and get him out and promised me big stuff if I could get him to low sec or high sec in the next 8 hours. I suggested to him that there were ways to get noise filaments, but he was like “no, I don’t want those.” My ship was super cheap even compared to my already cheap Magnate fits, so I figured I’d just do it just to see what this guy was up to. I guessed I was not going to get a reward, but I would get some amusement.

So I showed the guy a wormhole and to my surprise… it was a pod. I suggested we take one wormhole, and he was like “no I don’t want to go down that one, we can’t go through there” (very strange for him to be scared… I was there an hour before and there was nothing other than a control tower and 3 Retrivers on D-scan) so that left me two routes I knew. One of them took me through 7 wormholes to High sec Genesis and the other one was shorter, so I took the shorter one. Three jumps later and we were in low sec. Yaaay! Then I got a donation of 100 million ISK. Sometime after that, I got 5 more donations and I noticed those guys pass by me near the gate in… pods (these guys did not fleet up with me) and then a got another one and some guy passed my me in an Impel. I asked what important cargo was in it and he said he dropped his cargo off and was trying to take a shortcut through wormhole space but found the last one slammed shut, so he only had an empty DST and he got attacked when he tried to backtrack. He thanked me. The first guy said he was worried he underpaid me.

I’ve heard of people being afraid of losing their expensive ships, but the fact that 6 of them were in pods (at least I assume the 5 other pods plus the DST guy was with the first pod guy) makes this rather comical to me. These guys could have blown themselves up and get home much faster (except the DST guy). From the looks of zkill, it seems these guys were part of a battle based on the timestamps and they fled after the destruction of their ships, but while that explains why they were in pods, it doesn’t explain why they begged for help when self destruct exists. I assume there was some valuable cargo I helped save and it was simply corp secrets they couldn’t reveal and the guy in the pod approached me first since he was expendable and if I betrayed him the DST would not be destroyed, which is why the other guys came later. In short, he was probably pulling my leg when saying the DST was empty and that was the thing they wanted to save. I mean who would be willing to pay some guy 100 million just to get out of a wormhole if they’re not in a ship but in a pod?




Kudos on taking the gamble to help someone out. They may have had expensive head implants, is why they didn’t want to self destruct the pods. Or maybe it’s an RP thing, who knows.


Gratz on being a ‘Good Samaritan’ and helping others during the Holiday Season.

So altogether you got 7 donations of ISK and the first one was 100 mil ISK.

How much was the total amount of ISK they donated?

And did you guys set personal standing / contact levels with each other?

Around 850 million.

Yeah we’re contacts.

I also know what to do if I ever win big at a casino (I always go in thinking of it as money spent the same way I go see a movie, but if I ever get anything, it’s a bonus) which is… not to do with the money what I just did with 750 million ISK.

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I pay people comical amounts of money for little bits of help in Jspace.

I think it’s more to do with rewarding trust. I don’t like backstabbers and thieves so I will happly give isk to someone if they trust me on a leap of faith.

Probably was doing same for you. 100mil is pocket change for a lot of us


Huh. Probably why you are so against frig holes cause it makes you risk that ISK faucet :smiley:

Still controlling that hole solo? Can’t entice anyone into your hole eh…



Frig… frigate hole?

Mmhmm. That dude hates them cause he’s too scared to krab when a frig enters his hole.

Seems to me he just needs to increase his hole size.


The shorthand older fans of this game make seem to sound so bad on the ears when you speak them.

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I mean that guy also solo controlled his hole for 72 hours. Its impressive.

He didn’t let anyone near his hole for 3 whole days!

They don’t make them like that anymore I tell you. I’m betting he rolled his hole with the biggest ships he could find too! Just pulling them in and out of the hole until it collapsed!

Impressive huh?


It’s important to practice proper hole control for extended periods of time. You need to know how to quickly collapse your hole so that no one can enter it from the outside. If someone does manage to come inside your hole, you’re going to spend a lot of time and effort on cleaning it up. Best to keep your hole closed until you need to use it to perform an asset evacuation, and then poke through from the inside. But don’t get caught with your pants down, because it might attract a crowd. Push a large amount of mass in and out of the hole until it becomes unstable, and then leave it inside on the final movement to seal the hole for good. Just make sure to stay on the look out for unwanted penetration from someone probing your hole from the outside.

Nice, just a little bit of time spent to help someone paid nearly 1 bill isk, very cool.

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Most likely you got only a fraction of the ISK they shipped out right in front of your eyes. The DST was most likely not empty and all of them had expensive implants in as well.

Yeah I guessed that, but I don’t care. Probably a corp project or whatever and they can’t say. Or maybe someone was independently wealthy and was like “I’m going to self fund 30 blingy dreads and ship all the expensive modules so my corp can use blingy dreads for one battle.” I don’t know and it doesn’t matter to me. I think they were generous, even if they got something out that was worth 1 trillion, I think both me and him ended up better off that I found an exit for them, although I still don’t know why he was like “no not that hole.”

To me it’s understandable they can’t say what is inside.

In the unlikely case it was actually was empty, they weren’t being just generous, but very generous.

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he should have just used the signal cartel / eve scout Signal Cartel 911 (

I told him there were people who could rescue him with noise filaments for free (and they’d likely be a lot faster than me searching for a wormhole), but he was like “no I don’t want those.”

Today in sht that probably didn’t happen.

Never help anyone.

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