Guys chat is not fixed

You cannot right click people in local and invite to a set up chat channel.

Thats because you lost the conenction to the chat server.

Yup chat is really screwed up cant see if code is in system to pop miners. 2 accounts show total different local contents. Also if you undock other chats from local they stop working

Oh man, you at last have chat.
I don’t. About 4 hours :slight_smile:
Since 20th march there were 1-2 from 10 logins without chat at all
but relog helped.
Today i have no chat no matter what i do - relog, reboot, making shaman dance…

Keep dancin dude i feel your pain lol

Same here, no chat at all. I reinstalled, restarted–everything.

Remember on the initial downtime that they said they would have it up and working in 45 minutes.



geebuz already, FIX THE F-ING thing what is wrong with ccp this is the worst bug since deleting the boot.ini - chat is NOT FIXED

Return it back it what it was if its too hard to fix

I struggled a lot with chat recently. I bugged all the devs about it at fanfest.

I managed to fix the issue this morning.

I went into my router settings, disabled the Firewall as well as allowed incoming ICMP and bam, no chat disconnects and socket closes no more.

Still, this is something specific to EVE since I don’t have any other issues in any other games.

I can add my 50 cents here - I also had an issue with chat - it wasn’t working at all.

Issue appeared after servers shutdown 3 days ago, after which chat just didn’t want to connect (with error about port 5222). I checked forums, etc. - i used website mentioned here earlier - all is good, port is accessible. wrote to support - got lame answer “we don’t know - problem on your side, solve yourself” - no advice, no help, nothing.

Then i started full check - it showed that 0 errors, but few unneccessary files, which was deleted. After chat finally started to work - maybe a coincidence,maybe not.

Hope this can help someone and sorry for my english - it is not my native.

What about Russia? We still have issues with chat server, now it is even worst and much more people in struggle because of our government actions, just help us avoid, we can talk and communicate.

We try to change Hosts file in windows by adding line and it is work for a few days, but today it is not working at all.

I know it is not easy (probably, not sure), but can CCP add chat server address which is not in ban list for Russia? OR how can we by our self use VPN or whatever to use tunnel for chat only, because we have only problem with chat, not with game itself, probably you think - why you do not use VPN for whole game? Well i try few of them, and almost lost my ship, because i have no response from server around minute, on different VPN providers. Any ideas?

Sorry for my English, if it was not perfect, cause i am not sure about that.


Does it mean that we have to be afraid of chat system now if it is blocked by some serious defence? :thinking:

Chat is still bugged! I see players in space that are not in local chat channel.
The chat update was 1.5 months ago, how long do you need to fix this???

The invisible guy is Russian … is this an exploit? If you block you traffic to chat server, you are invisible in local? Is it that easy???

It’s still buggy. When simultaneoulsy logged in characters will show different member listings for the same corporation.

Can confirm on the latest SiSi build: Logged in and Local and Corp chat show 0 population in the primary testing system. Also getting messages of “You do not have access to that channel” when trying to type anything in local or Corp.

What about Girls chat? Is that fixed?

Confirm, chat is broken again . From day to day it took 1-8 reconnect atempts to get in , today it is just not working. CCP fix this bug, chat NOT WORKING PROPERLY

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