March 2018 Chat System Note for Firewalls

Not necessarily Linux related, but as people with Linux might be more likely to have a real firewall in place I will post this right here. I had to open up a bug report until a dev pointed out the actual changes that occurred.

Many useful firewalls might block port 5222 with a jabber or other google chat id code. It also goes to what appears to be a different server cluster entirely and not TQ.

If the chat window(s) are completely missing, and there is absolutely nothing useful in the logs then chat issues might be a firewall blocking such traffic. Once one identifies that this new port and IP combination are related to the game it is easy to fix.

CCP made this as a helper today:

If you happen to be running an adaptive system like SNORT, the sigid: 2100230 would need to be suppressed.

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