Jita local crashing often?

Jita without local… it’s almost like WH space with less fun and more market trading. But really, why does it keep crashing so much and what needs to happen to allow it to support 3000-4000 people in-system?

Sounds like your guess is as good as CCP’s. Been broken for a long time already.

It does because of #CCPQualityCoding and their absolutely hilarious move to outsource the chat system to an external provider. It used to work just fine when the chat server was handled inhouse and in the beginning after the switch it also worked better. CCP very likely kept tinkering and now we have an even greater mess to deal with than before.

Seems to break for some people and not for others. Which would suggest its either a local setting or some application blocking it. Windows 10 is notorious for messing up settings, but there is a link here for Linux users. March 2018 Chat System Note for Firewalls

I can reach this port tester and still have issues, so that’s hardly the cause. It’s simply CCP coding incompetence.

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