Hac pvp q

Is it worth pvpng in heavy assault cruisers anymore? Or are they just a niche cute thing for solos and duos or small gangs. Also how much nanite paste should one bring if solo, duo, or small gang

Just as with any other ship you are going to bring - it depends. There is no one answer for that question.
And two complete journeys of the same route at different times will also have two different outcomes.

It is almost like the Diablo 1 random map generator. You restart Diablo twice in a row, and your map from a few minutes ago looks very different now.

I like HACs, not all of them, but most of them. They allow you to punch in different weight class if you will. Just don’t over-estimate your abilities too much.
For example, a regular tech 1 or police faction cruiser may not be able to 1v1 a regular battlecruiser like the Brutix or Harbinger or worse a Talos.
However, with a HAC, you can just right ahead and see how it goes. But don’t go above tech 1 class battleship and come and yell at me for giving you bad advice.
I say again, you can, doesn’t mean you will be winning every fight against one weight class up. Sometimes even that one fight you were about to engage in, only looked good on paper and suddenly your super-tanky HAC would feel like a paper-bag or a hilariously overprices killmail about to happen.

Choose your fights wisely, know your enemy and if something looks like bait, walks like bait and smells like bait - rest assured it will be bait.

Usually bring as much paste as you know, you will be using and make sure you have enough cargo space for that and whatever else you may want to bring with you.

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HACs are and have been solid PVP ships.

certain ships are much more suitable for larger fleet battles, and some are more suited for small gang.

For small gang, my favorites are the vagabond, muninn, and deimos.

The vagabond is a staple of small gang pvp. The classic speedy boy with an XL shield booster is a lot of fun to fly, and can get up to serious shenanigans.

The deimos packs a hell of a punch with blasters, and can fit a serviceable active tank. Unlike the vagabond, it is not a one trick pony as far as weapon options go, and rails with a semi-nano/AAR set up is quite solid, if a bit slower than the minmatar options.

The muninn after its rework is quite solid, and has a lot of flexability to be armor or shield tanked to best match up with the rest of the small gang. Lots of potential for meme dual armor/shield active tank in the solo pvp arena.

I thought about making up some super fancy way of figuring it out, but what i would do is bring enough for AT LEAST 30 minutes of nonstop repping

I did some quick math, for a fit with one Medium Ancillary Armor Repairer, i would bring at least 600 Nanite Repair paste charges, or whatever it is called

How i got to that number:

Step 1: 30 min to sec = 1800 sec

Step 2: check stats on MAAR(one cycle takes 12 sec, one cycle uses 4 charges)

Step 3: divide 1800 sec by 12 to find how many times the MAAR will cycle in 30 min (nonstop)

Step 4: the number i got from step 3 is 150, the MAAR will cycle 150 times in 30min

Step 5: multiply 150 (the number of cycles in 30 min) times 4 (the number of charges per cycle) to get 600

Step 5: if i did my math correctly, you should bring at least 600 charges(per MAAR you have fitted) to be able to rep nonstop for 30 minutes

Please let me know if i got my math wrong

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