Halloween Recommendations

Below are some scary Halloween recommendations for review. These ideas would be considered as visual features, with the exception of the soundtrack recommendation, and an added game mechanic recommendation if there were no loading issues:

• Recommend a spooky soundtrack (audio). Play an eerie space sound frequency, generated by CCP developers, during the character loading screen. This soundtrack would expire at the end of the event period.
• Recommend a Pumpkin Firework. Launch a limited firework that detonates in the shape of a giant 10km orange circle with evil-looking black eyes. This firework would expire at the end of the event period.
• Recommend a Space Zombie Ghost ship’s skin with flame engine trails. Display a ship skin resembling the charred, fire-burning, glowing hull of a ship that has been heavily damaged to 5% structure. As the ghost ship burns silently through space (perhaps limited to afterburner modules), the ship’s engine trails would ignite with dragon’s fire (red, orange, green, or purple). This skin and engine trail feature would expire at the end of the event period. Personally I think a burning ships skin would be cool to add in the store.
• Recommend green engine trails on moving drones. The green engine trails on drones represent flying goblins. Green engine trails would expire at the end of the event period. This visual/game mechanic may pose a loading issue.
• Recommend Space Zombie character skin options. Add an option on the character creation page in the skin and eyes sections. Add an option to display a finalized character skin appearing frozen gray with torn, charred skin, a missing eye or jaw or arm or leg, similar to a podded corpse in space, visible on the character page. This character skin would expire at the end of the event period.
• Recommend a happy ghost or corpse icon randomly appearing and disappearing on a player’s screen every thirty minutes. Display a small 40x40 pixel icon of a happy ghost or zombie, for one or two seconds, with a long period in between to prevent annoyance, in a random corner of a player’s screen during game play.
• Recommend a creepy green and purple shifting mist around stargates and wormholes in Drifter systems. Visually, the mist would be translucent and not affect ship travel. If a game mechanic could be added, recommend the green and purple shimmering mist create a 50km/100km/150km barrier of visibility. All ships inside the mist can see each other and objects, but cannot see anything past the mist, even with the camera zoomed out. Ships outside the mist cannot see ships and objects inside the mist, even if an object is selected and looked at, and cannot be detected by combat scanner probes. This mist would make any pilot scared because you don’t know what’s in the mist. This mist would dissipate at the end of the event period.
• Recommend moving pilot corpses found within 100km of player structures, stargates, or wormholes in Drifter systems. Visually, the corpses would behave like an npc, and float around the stargate. If a game mechanic could be added, recommend moving the corpses at a speed of 500 or 1000 or 2000 m/s (slow corpses and fast corpses) towards the nearest player ship. If a corpse attaches itself to the ship or is collected by a ship, it would infect the ship and cause negative effects such as -10% align speed, -10% movement speed, or the ship warps in a random direction, for a period of five minutes, before the corpse can be either kept in the cargo bay or jettisoned. These floating dead corpses would pose a challenge for corpse collectors, make pilots scared of landing near one, and weaponize corpses against all teams on grid. Corpse movement and infection effects would expire at the end of the event period.
• Recommend creating a Drifter dead site that yields rare module drops but is heavily guarded by 100 undead npc corpses. Area of effect modules would be disabled due to dead site phenomenon. The dead site would expire at the end of the event period.
• Recommend placing a Drifter corpse inside a random asteroid. Visually, it’s a creepy dead corpse that popped out of a mined rock, scaring the miner out of his or her wits. If a game mechanic could be added, recommend if the Drifter corpse is collected, the corpse would either boost the pilot skills and/or ship effects or infect the ship and render it immobile for several minutes.


Or you could get a mining permit, so when the CODE agent pings your ship and asks you for the documentation you can proudly show him your permit and you get a way with a bit of a scare, but also a good laugh.

Also Krampus >> Halloween

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Outlaws buzzing miners
Halloween war decs

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