Happy Treason Day ungrateful colonials

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #1

Just joking. Happy Birthday USA!

(John AO1Bell) #2

ROFL, as we are now paying way higher business taxes than most other counties. Now everyone whats us to pay more taxes on our Citadels too. Great…Like Concord doesn’t take enough from me.

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(Ess VT) #5

(Dinsdale Pirannha) #6

Given the benefit of 221 years of hindsight, it is truly sad for the planet that the Brits did not quell the uprisings with an iron fist.

(Can’t do math, 241 years)

(Keno Skir) #7

Where were the rest of you when we needed you to put the boot in? :shipitparrot:

(Armark Bether) #8

Happy liberation day, glad we could help freeing you from those english guys. They should have thought about it before the seven years’ war, and taking our rightfully acquired colonies from us.

(Claevyan) #9

To celebrate our American Declaration of Indepedence and the beginning of Freedom to the world. I am going to get in a Bomber and Bomb things. For Freedom.

23:00. Bomber’s Bar. Jita. :smiley:

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(Rovinia) #11


Just joking, hope you had a good independence day :slight_smile:

(Ian Morbius) #12

Cause,… who really has the time to read it.

A July 4th Tradition: The Declaration Of Independence, Read Aloud