Hardcore Ironman-style characters

Because its awesome idea

Lol, even it was the most awesome idea ever thought up and implemented, the fact these players do not want to engage in PvP now because :reasons: means that with perma death added to the board they are even more unlikely to want to engage in PvP.

I guess fortunately it isn’t the awesome idea you seem to think it is.


I want them flagged in local so I know to pack smartbombs for their pod.

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The only reason I could see for a permadeath Account…

Is the character is perma tied to its faction…
Any Faction including the Pirat’s, and maybe even EOM.

Your not a Capsuleer on this character…
But you are in the miiitary of your faction or some other lore based important class job …
Mission and other content would need to be created or tied to together for these “RP” permadeath characters that are not Capsuleers.

Perhaps the Triglavians do not have cloning technology, so if you decide to start a Triglavian character you only get one life to live.


Yeah, exactly, only character not account. Account would be dedicated
Doesnt even need to look anything like a regular account with 3 toons, could be a ground up thing unrecognizable from original like all starwars movies after the original 3 real ones.

Return of the Jedi was very iffy.

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