Permadeath mode?

So I’m a big fan of survival games, and it seems like Eve has all the right ingredients to support “survival” or permadeath mode. The survivalist genre is very popular on Steam. If you had the option of permadeath, would you take it?

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no, why should I? This is along term game where you cultivate your char over years.


No. Getting killed is too easy and reshipping for fights is a thing. To get caught once and its over would mean noone that undocks would be a year old or more at least.

Eve isnt that kind of game.


No. Why would anyone do that? Besides you could already simulate that it you want. Next time you get podded just biomass. Come back and tell us how the experience was for you.


As already stated, Eve is a game where people make long term investments in their characters. They aren’t disposable.

A few years ago, you could lose skillpoints when you died if you forgot to upgrade your clone, and the high end clones were expensive. This led to risk aversity so CCP changed the mechanic - no more medical clone upgrades or SP loss (except T3 cruisers and people cry about that).

Characters have expensive implants and that also led to risk aversity so CCP gave us the ability to jump between expensive learning clones and cheap combat clones at will using Citadel cloning facilities.

The goal is to get people interacting in space. Permanent death for high value characters is not a way to achieve that goal!

Of course you can kill your own character by biomassing it but even then it simply goes to purgatory (Doomheim) and can be resurrected.

Whaaaaat would be the point of permadeath? The capsule allowing you to be recloned is kind of central to everything in EVE, and all the time and resources you sink into an EVE character would be completely wasted.

Your game would be over after your first ‘I’m going to learn to PvP!’ trip through lowsec


I think you’ve got a starry-eyed view of this hypothetical siruation. More than likely you’d see carebear activity skyrocket, nobody would ever pay for omega, and I think it would choke out your ability to operate in PvP rather than enhance it.

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All of these idiots replying forget that like what, 3-5 years ago ccp literally said they were goinf to do EXACTLY THIS!


They anounced at Vegas or Fanfest. Was gonna be like Alphas are kind of but with PermaDeath.

Sounded GrimDark and Hardcore, so naturally it was one of many of ccp’s unkept promises they made.

1st like is rises announcement that was aborted.

2nd is my thread from 2015 about how they lied/failed lol.

This has been somewhat of an interest of mine and of course they lied/failed to follow through

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Would have been better than the current alpha implementation i imagine

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Then go play a survival game. :wink:


Please, lead by example and biomass next time you’re podded. :woman_shrugging:


And that right there is the cultivated mindset that will never allow permadeath in EVE.

‘Sorry, but I don’t want to build all this back from stage 1.’

As the others have said, the game is not balanced for permadeath. It’s too easy to get killed in this game, which is ok because it’s a combat game and we have unlimited clones.

As a thought exercise, I can only see a few scenarios for permadeath play:

  1. You start a character, apply some PLEX, buy some skills, and in order to avoid death you sit in station for 5 years training to 100m skillpoints. You can claim that you’ve “survived” to an old age and many skillpoints, but you’ll be missing the fun in this game.

  2. You play as an Alpha and go outside / play normal, and it’s very likely that with normal gameplay you’ll die well before you reach the skill limits of the Alpha account. But it’s ok, Alpha accounts don’t cost money, so just create another character and repeat the “permadeath” process over and over until you get tired of making no progress.

  3. You start a character, spend some $10,000 to apply injectors to unlock a slew of ships, T2, maybe even capitals, and you’re READY!!!. Go out, get blown up, regret your decision to throw away $10,000 on this “permadeath” concept.

This whole idea is pretty dumb. One of those things that sounds interesting as a 140 letter tweet, but the actual implementation would lead to a dead game in a matter of weeks. Do you seriously think that people that have been playing for years and fly around in T3 super carriers are going to be happy about having to start over in a Velator?

Yeah, interesting but not practical for MMOs in general, let alone specifically in Eve. If Eve were permadeath from the start, and had the proper mechanics for it, then maybe. It be a different game, for sure.

You have to keep in mind that this game is an escape from reality. Changing the rules on the the expected consequences of death would upset most players. At best, one would have to have special servers where players who chose this could do this, and I doubt CPP would be willing to bear the cost for such a niche market.

Would be a stupid idea. Nobody would solo, nobody would PVE, mine or haul. There would be no items on the market. You would just have groups of PVP’ers in frigates with bad skills fighting each other and that would literally be the entire game.

If you want that then just play Valkyrie.

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Really dude…!?! We got the capsule technology from the Jove. Now you wanna throw that away?
Be my guest… Im gonna bask in eternal life and laugh at “one lifers” like your self!!

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It’s not eternal life; you’ve had 15? 20? years since cloning technology was introduced, and because it’s technology, there’s no guarantee that it won’t go away. Actually all it takes is the budget to be cut, and you don’t know what the financial situation of the Empires will be like 10-15 years from now.

It’s not eternal life. It’s just continued life, even if you go into combat daily, which we do.

I am quite sure all my ships were permadead once they exploded.

EVE has quite a lot of the “if that goes wrong I will regret it” kind of tension that makes permadead games thrilling.