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Im running EVE on an older Z400 and the GPU im using is a GTX1050 Even running 2 clients performance is fine but gets choppy at busy locations (Jita etc) Looking for recommendations on the next logical bump from the 1050 on a fairly conservative budget Under 200$ or so Not much of a PvPer so my framerate needs are not super high.

In the launcher there is an option to uncheck DirectX 12 (it will use DX11 instead.) Some ppl find it works better on DX11.

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there’s nothing under $200 that would be any sort of significant improvement. For now just lower your settings and toy with the AMD FSR settings, even though you have an Nvidia it does help.

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You could try and pick up a used GTX 1080. You could get that for under 200 and would be a massive boost. I was looking into doing this to upgrade my GTX1060 6GB

But you have not told us what CPU or monitor resolution you are on so it might be bottlenecked if your CPU is very slow.

Use this link to get an idea of any possible bottleneck.

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Disable DX12 duh

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