Has anyone here opted-in for the 64bit client?

Any benefits so far or issues?

Yes I did. No issues or performance AFAICS.

Desktop: Asrock 990FX Extreme4, AMD FX-8320, 16GB ram, Nvidia GTX 1070,
Corsair VOID RGB Wireless Headset.
Debian buster 64bits (multiarch with MATE),
wine-staging 4.8~buster, EVElauncher for Linux 64bit DX11.
Override: DXVK-latest.

Notebook: Lenovo y520, 16GB ram, Nvidia Optimus GTX 1050.
Nvidia drivers only.
Corsair VOID RGB Wireless Headset.
Debian buster 64bits (multiarch with MATE).
wine-staging 4.8~buster, EVElauncher for Linux 64bit DX11.
Override: DXVK-latest.

EVE Linux Launcher 1514997

I was curious when I saw that you are using wine 4.8, and checked which wine Im using in eve… and for some reason it says 3.0.4? I know for a fact that my system has at least Wine 4.0, so why are we using this older version? (Maybe thats the problem Im having…)

I think you’re using the wine that comes with the launcher. You need to use the custom wine path to use the system wine rather than the bundled.

Anyone else seeing that the 64bit client setting does not persist and is needed to be set each time the launcher is relaunched?

Same as @Aldrad my launcher does not save the 64bit client option. I have to enable it after every restart of the launcher.

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No, I was able to find the wine problem, it seems there was a pubkey change and it downgraded me to 3.0.4, which was shown in game and also out of it. Since Roesjka pointed that she was using wine staging, I decided to try it and now I’m running Wine 4.9 staging, but wanted to see if I could get a cpu usage as before the ‘nerf’ and sadly it didnt make a difference, so now I’m more bafled as to what is that is causing this performance problem ;(

Wine-styaging 4.9 has some issues, try installing wine-staging 4.8 with the latest DXVK.
Had to revert to wine-staging 4.8 as with 4.9 had problems with WoW/Battle.net.

In-game settings had to set Shader Quality to Medium. Now I get abt. 100+ fps in normal space. In Jita it drops to 25-30 fps.

64 Bit bit client is working for me nicely with wine 4.9. Performance is unchanged, I only observed a very little additional memory need of 0.1 GByte.

I’m already at Medium settings as I was hopeful it would shave some cpu% to run my additional clients, but its the same. The dev mentioned that they had noticed higher cpu usage on the change, but I still feel the same heavyness with 4.9. So I have no idea what they changed, but its not making me enjoy it.

Had problems with the Shader Quality as well, had Wine Staging 4.7 and an old version of DXVK installed. Upgraded both and now things are very smooth. The launcher doesn’t keep the 64-bit setting checked in between restarts though.

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don’t use winehq-staging. use winehq-devel. staging has some features that are not fully tested, you may (and actually will) be subject to bugs on this branch.

Thanks, there are many opinions on the subject, but the cpu usage problem is not related to wine-staging, its some our dear Devs did to be more ready for the 64bit change, I had the same problem even with stable wine. Prior to that change everything was ‘perfect’ for me.

Also of note, I tried to run the 64bit again last night, and I tried under dx11 and dx9 and both had horrid FPS performance on my system (getting -30fps on a GPU capable of at least 70fps).

Seems like this is fixed for me in launcher version 1531417 (beta channel)

It wouldn’t have been fixed in that version but it should be fixed now.

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I guess thats just the version i noticed it working on, thanks nonetheless.

Confirming that 64bit setting is now remembered. Thanks!

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