Has the Muninn Meta Gone Too Far?

You’re not thinking in terms of fleet combat. I don’t expect the ferox to match or outperform a Muninn. I do expect the Muninn to have drawbacks against other classes of subcapitals. Right now it has none. The ADC even with the reactivation time very much matters since an FC is going to cycle off for another target rather than stay on an ADCed one as long as logi can catch reps. Local reps don’t matter for fleet combat.

I did get the DPS wrong when you take into account falloff - my bad on that. But it doesn’t change just how powerful these ships are.


To keep to your little analogy, let’s say scissors don’t exist. There is no real counter or anything that even comes close to the munnin right now, which is the problem.

Of course there’s a counter to long range turreted ships. It’s called not being at long range.


I don’t think OP knows brawling exists

Heh. Don’t get me started.
I still has drake.

But this is the problem: so lopsided and so hamhanded this “balancing” is, the sneaky and creative players Eve pilots are, those cheeky fellows, will eventually find that kind of fit that works very well.

Then suddenly… NERF NERF NERF!!!

This problem would not exist if there was not this movement to make all ships the same statistically. This is what happens! A “hole” has been discovered and now has to be treated like a problem.

If ships were left with given racial/faction capabilities they would also come with given vulnerabilities and hence if they were good at some things, they would be bad at others. Now we have fewer vulnerabilities but a hole is found in capabilities that gets exploited to the max and suddenly it’s Drakes all over again.

In order to keep complaints and whining down, they have set up the ships to be like NASCAR: every car is practically the same. They perform within standards and expected brackets of power output. Then it’s all up to the driver. That’s nice. But this is not NASCAR.

All those years of CPPlease have brought us to this sort of thing. We should have left it alone. CCP should have ignored us.


Very nicely written.

Guess the only thing left to say is CCPlease bring back the glory days of Rifter, Dramiel and Hurricane.



Remember those pirate fit rifters? Those were good days.


50km is brawling? How are they at 0 on the wormhole, cause thats brawling.

I cant remember the last time i saw an actual munin in a fleet.

With the Muninn’s 7.5% per level tracking bonus they work just fine at zero against anything larger than a frigate, and even those you’ll chew through with enough time.

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It’s ugly to look at. If it would not be such an eyesore I would not even have clicked on this thread here.

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Heh, you need to get your eyes checked cuz the Muninn ship looks great and performs well.

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