How's the Muninn?

(Maxi dela Tierra) #1

I’ve read quite some negative feedback on reddit about Muninn. Players state a fleet cane can do better for the same price and without the nasty HAC skill requirements.

Is that true? I actually planned to skill for that ship for longterm cruiser pvp 2.0 but now I’m not sure about that anymore. I have no plans to go Loki so the Muninn would be the only reason to go Cruiser V.

In PVP i personally prefer the short range AC brawling approach. The MWD trait sounds quite helpful to get into range with this badboy…

Would you say the its worth skilling Cruiser V only for this ship?

(zluq zabaa) #2

Some people do AC Muninns, but you have to choose your targets wisely. It is certainly not a specifically good solo brawler, 3 midslots don’t give you many options to hold people down.

(Ria Nieyli) #3

If you want to be flying a T2 cruiser, fly a Broadsword. It’s so much better.

(xpl0de) #4

Makes me want to bring out the sexy ol’ Rapier its been years since I use that thing.

(Nikea Tiber) #5

“How’s the muninn?”


Been as pointless as a civilian warp disruptor for as long as I can remember.

(zluq zabaa) #6


(Trajan Unknown) #7

Don’t shittalk the civ warpdisruptor Man! It has some troll value. The Munnin does not. :stuck_out_tongue:

(zluq zabaa) #8

Well… the Muninn has a load of troll value actually :smiley:

But yeah, it could need some love, but it seems pretty hard to balance it without making it too powerful.

(Shallanna Yassavi) #9

It’s useful is when you know it’s going up against a bunch of laserboats because Minmatar T2 resists on top of armor’s natural resists. This could be a 5/10, or it could be a bunch of Zealots.

If anything else shows up, you have no natural kinetic/explosive resists and are in a lot of trouble.

(Cristl) #10

If you want to use MWD bonus to get in and brawl with autocannons then you want the Vagabond.

All Minnie medium projectile weapons could use a balance pass, though. And both HACs could probably benefit from some slot changes (Vaga: low to mid, Muninn: at least one high anywhere else!)

Oh, and the broadsword indeed rocks.

(Andrew Indy) #11

I think they are only really viable as a long range sniper fleet . They get pretty good range and tracking with OK alpha so with enough of them you can blap some stuff.

Tank is not great, speed is OK . Things like the eagle do better in its role.

(King Creator) #12

It’s ■■■■ atm, but there are rumours of it being given a 4th mid :slight_smile:

(Crimson Draufgange) #13

I hear the loki is pretty good after the recent changes.

(Sarah Vanessa) #14

yes it is but the LOKI is T3 Cruiser :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , we are drifting away question is: Is the Muninn good ?

id say yes and no… in generall its a pretty handy ship… does quiet good damage tanks and got good tracking i think. the point is it depense on where you live and what u gonna do with it, for example i would never fly the Muninn Solo chause its just simple not the real deal solo ship other ships are way better (Vagabond) so i definatly only would use the Muninn as a AHAC (Armor Heavy Assault Cruiser) Fleet Doctrine but well here you got the Point normaly u use Artillery s on em to get a good Alpha Strike, but then u also got less Tank so its quiet hard to fit with PG and well the Slotlayout in generell

I personally think that the Hurricane is more flexible as a Doctrine ship for fleets
Shield Tank More Alpha WAAAY CHEAPER and also Insureable… T2 Ships are not worth the insurance

I come to the Point the Muninn is not as bad as it could be its just simple not the current meta…

(Crimson Draufgange) #15

I know, but from the OP’s post, he seems to be mainly concerned about what he spent time skilling for. If he trained for a munnin, but that ship doesn’t work out for him, a loki is not far away. Neither is the vagabond of course.

(Sarah Vanessa) #16

thats true of course =)


Yes the Cruiser Skill for every Race is Basiclly important for the later game =)

(JC Mieyli) #17

not really

(TehCloud) #18

CCP needs to stop releasing ships (bigger than destroyers) with merely 3 Mids.

Trying to make a Muninn work for anything but a Fleet of Artiversions is hard to do, and even if you manage to do it, it still sucks.
If they ever change anything about the Muninn (and Broadsword) I hope they also slightly buff the capacitor.

(Kosoku) #19

Mimmatar HAC, both of them, need to be looked at.

(Nymfo Askold) #20