Is anyone actually using Hac doctrine's?

So out of interest is anyone using HAC’s in their fleet doctrine’s we have been discussing it recently but they are still getting out classed by almost everything xD It’s kinda sad really love HAC’s if anyone has had any success please let me know,it would be interesting to hear.

looks like that’s a yes. Origin. has been using munins for a while now, and looks like a few other groups have been using them too, along with some Cerbs and Ishtars. And someone’s even using an Adestria

Yea it seems muninn/cerb/ishtar is getting used decently for fleet’s zealot seems abandoned thou and the rest i’m hardly seing.

Munnins became dedicated (alpha artillery) T2 resist cruisers and more “minnie” for shield/armor tanks. Sucks for Munnin combat explorers to lose the launcher slot, but meh.

I think Muninns will become more popular in the next few months, as people skill into them. Was not a popular hull before. Price is still steep.

Will take time, cos Alphas cant fly them.

PS: EVEUni, update your Muninn page.

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Muninns are a meme

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