Has there been a Communist state in Eve history?

I was thinking has someone tried to reverse the capitalist regieme in New Eden and establish a Communist utopia based on socialist economic systems? Would it even work?

My guess: no. But it would’ve been a fun experiment.

Inevitably someone would steal everything and bounce. There’s not much you can do about it.

Has it ever? There’s your answer… :wink:


I’d say it would have as much chance of working as its capitalist twin. Which means that it would work for some folks, but not for others. There’s no such thing as comprehensive equality.

To answer your question, there are (or there certainly were) socialist corps in EVE. One or two of them may even have had communist aspirations, but no such discrete grouping based upon political allegiance or politicised issues strikes me as likely to succeed in making any impression upon the game itself.

It’s mainly a social thing, I think; like-minded folks getting together and, well, being social. Mining is mining whether you wear a flat-cap or a top-hat. The politics will only be revealed when capsuleers achieve positions of prominence, where exposure is unavoidable.

Use the ‘search’ feature in-game and see if any of the co-operatives are still active.

Like irl, they are failures that robbed the members of their labor.

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IIRC there was a fully communist wormhole corp that ran for a great many years. trust that deep - all assets were shared, pull ships out of the shared hangars etc - is beneficial for that kind of fighting force.

I think there’s also a couple of smaller corps in null doing a similar thing.

@QuakeGod Don’t be confusing socialism with communism.

Sansha Nation is built on this idea…although in actuality, it’s more like a Dictatorship like with real world communist states. Sansha's Nation | EVE Universe

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Isn’t that more like a Borg Collective with a shared mind and direct mental control through implants and whatnot? :thinking:

(I only have a vague memory of it so maybe I don’t recall correctly and don’t have time right now to read upon it.)

This sounds like the communist way to play EVE.

And as long as the group is small and tight enough that all members trust each other and care about the group I can see how shared assets and shared hangars could work.

For bigger groups or groups with a large turnover rate I don’t see it working though, because to stop a single spy or disgruntled member from taking everything such a group would have to have multiple tiers of members where the newest least trusted members do not get access to everything while a core team can live the communist way. With some people more equal than others, this is usually where communism goes wrong when the core group stops caring for the group as a whole and starts caring for their own wealth instead.

I wonder if there have been any capitalist groups in EVE?

Most groups I know, including my own are more of the ‘benevolent dictatorship’ type groups.

Communism isnt working at all…

…A true about communism in EVE is , brand new player looking for corp …its ok and nice.
But brand new player is lazy and look only for resources like BPO BPC Minerals Ships …
…and when got it , simply leave corporation and fu**s that module you gave him need a two weeks grind 8 hours a day in EVE.

…So Communism isnt working at all in EVE.

The problem with Communism is that it removes incentives for personal performance. If you know that you will receive the same reward whether you bust your ass or just sit on while other people cover your slack (you hope) to achieve the group’s goals, human nature dictates that most people will choose the lazy way out. At least in a free market economy, (Not necessarily a Capitalist one) I know that my rewards will generally reflect the effort I put into my work.

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My bad if I provoked undesirable statements from the community. I was just asking if there was ever an attempt to spite EVE’s core economy that is clearly based on capitalist economic systems by implementing socialist economic tactics.

Hope it is clear now!

Yeah the original BoB and I think EVOL was well known for just pooling everything into one big pile and sharing it among members. But we are talking very old history here. But was more a grab and go situation with no one owning anything, not „here is your individual equal portion“ kind of thing.

Sansha is divided into 2 classes 1 has autonomous thought the others are hive minded with implant’s (slaves) where the higher class can control them through those implants.

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I started out with a vision of benign piracy; Steal from the rich and give to myself. I soon found, however, that it was not possible definitively to identify who was rich and who was not in EVE, and so I decided upon the following course:

Steal from everyone and to hell with the consequences.

I found that such a guiding principle embraced the positive aspects of both extremes of the political spectrum; I amassed a fair amount of filthy lucre and I did so in a way which demonstrated my belief that all capsuleers are - more or less - equal.


They might attempt to bluff their way into a lower price by claiming they are poor or too new or in general not having the ISK to buy the mission item at the offered price. Which is especially funny in some cases when they were flying dozens or even hundreds of mils worth of ships on their few weeks old “new player” character, clearly not something a new or poor player would fly, but even if they are genuine they should do their research before attempting a new site or mission as eve-survival, uniwiki and the likes are a thing. Regardless in the majority of cases however when they are informed the price is not negotiable then suddenly or after a while they cough up the ISK despite their earlier claims.

Steal from them all and let Bob sort them out.


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Capitalisms does that as well. Once a worker figures out the least amount of effort to get the shiny. That worker will do no more and surprisingly do even less when in a group. Human nature is funny that way.

It makes zero difference about the ideology at work. It really comes down, in my unscientific opinion, to ones own work ethic.

In New Eden most players are self starters. Willing to take the initiative. Asking for nothing more than a chance at success at whatever she/he/they are pursuing at the moment.

The ones that rage quit saying the game refuses to explain everything in a moment. While I get the frustration being a new player myself. I also understand that it is up to me find those answers.

My wife plays the game and she turns to me with questions. When the answers ran out. The Rookie Channel is a good resource, but she needed more than can be explained in few paragraphs in a chat channel. To that end I got us into the UNI Corp. There she and I are getting a lot of our questions answered.

But here is the thing. We took the initiative to try and find a somewhere we could get our questions answered.

If a player is not willing to put the time into looking and doing. There is nothing for anyone to do for that person.

The ideology of whether a corp is this, that or neither become pretty meaningless. If there are players not willing to put in the effort to work together to build a strong corp. While taking the initiative to pursue whatever career path that that player has chosen.

Im assumimg that you are asking if there has been any communist NPC state in the lore of eve online, vs corps and alliances.

The short answer: No. There isnt any state that has been specifically singled out to operate as a true communist society ala Marx via lore.

Long answer: Actually probably yes, and it most likely exists as a member state of the Gallente Federation. While the lore doesnt explicitly say such a state exists, it does say that the gallente federation is made up of a great number of member states with many having wildly diverging political structures, which absolutely leaves room for a democratically organized communist state to exist. It just isnt named.

It’s player created, and so not official canon, but an Intaki colony on Vey II, known as Maatrukaanan, has a communist collective style government.