Hate the NEW Forum Layout

Tried Searching for Features and Ideas… nope can’t find it via in forum or Google…

New forum is Terrible…

Love ya though… otherwise


So, because you fail at what hundreds of others succeed, the forum layout is bad?

Hey, you’re right!

Pack your bags, boys, he said it’s bad! Time to roll back everything!

Yes, this was just as unnecessary as the initial post.

Cat tax:

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F&I is right in EvE technology and research center section.

*polishes white armour

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Sort your life out.

I searched “eve forums features & ideas” on google and it was the second result after an archived version of the old one by the same name.


I like that I can just click “latest” and view what’s being talked about.


Yeah same, there was whole sections of the forum that were basically dead in the old one. Anytime a thread got moved from GD killed it

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