Haulers and Miners

Why [HAAMY]?

  • Small corp that has the home feel
  • Weekly dividens from our corp wallet
  • 7% Tax Rate
  • Ore buyback program
  • Materials ready to be used for Industry
  • Ships, drones, ammo, and missles ready to roll
  • Free hauling for corp members up to 10 jumps!
  • No skill requirements
  • Omega is not required
  • No forced PVP or Wars
  • No alliances to pay into

No need to pay into making rich CEO’s richer! We are all owners of the corp. Shares given to all members!


  • 18+ Mature players only
  • EST or PST time zones

Join us now!
Chat with us in Haulers and Miners Recruitment

Discord Haulers and Miners
Website for applications https://eve-hr.com/haamy

We are still looking for some great folks to join our family

Still looking for new family members to join our ranks

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