Haulers Market


Haulers Market
The more you pay, the less you wait!

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The haulers channel is new too Eve and are looking for people to fill the role of a hauler. There will be mods in place to make sure the channel runs smoothly

Fly safe

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What is your approximate average?

The rates are posted on the channel MOTD. The idea behind the Haulers Market is to level the playing field. Hauling in Eve is big business with a lot of haulers not getting a fair shake when it comes to hauling.

Hauling takes a lot of personal time from 10 minutes too hours in a day to haul cargo for another person so hauling rates are based upon time. which equal to gates

In time the new channel Hauling Market will offer investments and rewards such as freighters too haulers who want to be apart of the Hauling Market Team

The channel is under construction but our doors never close

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Haulers Market

We need haulers at the Haulers Market channel. For those who like making isk this is the place too be. Those haulers that put the time in will be rewarded with ships, isk, chat and maybe shares in a outstanding corp.

The future is bright who want to invest make isk and have some fun

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