I’m just curious, but with the new Edencom hauler and freighter having high combat slots, will there be any changes to faction ships as every factions ship has just been made obsolete in my eyes. Especially PI ships.

Unless I’m missing something.

I’ve been using this slick one
and this one also.

It’s worked well for me now, will for a long while for Distribution missions and I have the bpo for boh.

The new Uwell haulers won’t make other haulers obsolete.

The Deluge and Torrent have much less regular cargohold and fleet hangar than other blockade runners and deep space transports, so only if your cargo is of a type that fits in the new Infrastructure Hold are these ships an upgrade.

The T1 Squall however does seem to be a striaght upgrade to the Epithal:

  • equal amount of PI carried
  • the infrastructure hold is more flexible than the planetary commodity hold
  • Squall has significantly more EHP when I compare similar fits due to base stats, amount of powergrid and extra mid slot
  • Squall can shoot back with missiles

The only thing that the Epithal is really good at compared to the Squall is affordability. The Epithal is significantly cheaper to build:

As a result I don’t think I will upgrade to the Squall on most of my characters as the Epithal is capable enough to do what I need it for. The additional EHP and auto-targeting missiles most likely won’t save me when I get caught anyway, so I’ll pick the cheap ship.

Using cost to balance ships is not a good design though, CCP rightfully stepped away from that years ago, so I’m surprised to see it back. If we ignore cost, the Squall did make the Epithal obsolete.

About the Avalanche: I don’t use regular freighters enough to really say anything about that. It looks like the general cargohold is still much smaller than that of other freighters so it fits in the same ‘sidegrade’ category as the Deluge and Torrent compared to other freighters.

It has a few nice upsides to freighters with the ability to shoot back, the ability to actively react to a gank attempt by loading the matching capital hardener script and the ability to get into warp faster with a MWD cycle. If you are hauling large amounts of PI goods or anything else that fits in the Infrastructure Hold the Avalanche seems to be the perfect freighter.

TL;DR: No other haulers are not obsolete, aside from the Epithal. Epithal is cheaper though.

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I’ve got 3 alts that can fly DSTs/Blockade Runners. Only one is getting the new hauler skill to 5, because they’re not that impressive as a regular hauler or as a combat ship.


Any Haulers out there willing to take on Rookie Capsuleers and teach 'em the basics of escorting and combat gate jumps? Such training could get more attention from Low and Null Sec alliances looking to…incorporate such talent into their alliance…but such a talent to be incorporated would be beneficial to all. Is the Rookie Talent more valuable to the High Sec hauler or Null Sec PvP support? I would say the High Sec hauler for a reasons. 1. The Rookie gets access to PvP fit ships and skills, at half price. The Rookie would still have to earn her or his ISK, preferably through mining so as to experience the exact reason the Capsuleer is training for PvP escort, The High Sec Gank. 2. Null Sec gets good and high quality PvP Capsuleers, at a substantial amount of compensation for the High Sec Rookie Talent. 3. And hopefully with some honor in escort, the Rookie Talent would give his High Sec Hauler a, bonus, to keep those Rookie Capsuleers the best trained and most valuable fighter pilots in New Eden.

oh no he is back…
you kow that most null sec alliances have newbie-friendly corporations to teach and train newbros, yes?
Brave newbies, Karmafleet, FRT-Uni, Horde, Knock Knock (Init)… and more…

That is true, but an alliance CEO would know that a High Sec trained hauler escort pilot with months of experience under her or his belt is a much more valuable pilot than a Green Rookie. Pulling in experienced hauler escort pilots means the Null alliance spends less time and resources on training the basics, and in Null, the efficiency and effectiveness of an alliance lives and dies with experienced pilots.

You don’t have to give a JF an escort fleet. A scout is useful for the highsec part of high<>null hauling but that can just be an alt and it’s not like a real JFer doesn’t have those.

Also, alliance CEOs aren’t the ones doing the recruitment or training. That’s a corp-level thing.

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Because of collateral it hardly matters how experienced the HS hauler is.

If they fail, you just set up another contract.

you openly admitted in another post that you never lived in null sec, and your killboard says the same Dryson Bennington | Character | zKillboard, and yet you dare to talk about what a null alliance ceo thinks or knows, and how things work in null sec. That’s cute.