Hauling: Can you make money as a blockade runner?


One of my alts can fly a Prowler, scan, and do PI. I would find a really nice WH and go in and setup PI, launching stuff in to space to bypass the pocos. When full I would find the exit WH and bring the items out. Then I would pop back in and wait for the next batch. I would bring GSCs in and anchor them in safe spots to minimize trips.

Years ago I used to run faction ammo in to low and npc null for a large markup. Often someone would buy it right away for their own mark up.

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You can also bridge it with a blops BS. So given the right set up you can just send a cheap covops cyno somewhere and then bridge past the problem system. There are plenty of things you can move in the cargo space that can make isk. Plus you go into null with stuff to sell there, and come back with stuff to sell in high sec making the best of the trip.

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