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A Scriv … that sounds familiar, or is my memory playing tricks on me? Actually, both names ring a bell. hm…

it doesn’t matter if you were a success on another toon, what matters is your current perception of you, if people see your are worth any spice than you will be hired in mass, but your not going to be hired being new for any real jobs, just because you can sit at a gate somewhere and dock when their trouble and the dec expires doesn’t make you successful. I wouldn’t hire most of the “merc” groups in the game because its waiting at a gate at intersections where they blanket wardec everyone they see and hope for easy kills and run when they see superior forces come because they have alts on all the gates of the area they are watching.

Past experience doesn’t matter now… especially since we’re in 2017

A lot has changed since then and without any proven success, you won’t get anyone to pay you anything close to what you want…

I wish you the best , the top 2 (formerly ok) mercs suck terribly and only scrap on the forums.
Seems like the moderators can barely handle them!

We already have satisfied customers. and to quickly start with replying to agondray.
we are distancing ourselves from the current crop of undock campers.
we actively seek our targets, we scour for their home and active systems, we take the fight to them, yes we happen to catch them alot on gates. but we also hunt

to follow on, are kills really all everybody looks for? through out history wars are fought not just to fight, but to achieve something. we have helped remove corporations from systems, we have resolved conflict ebtween corps. we are the muscle other may not have. a slight poke in the right direction is sometimes all that is required.

and to the rest that insist on trolling and complaining, if you dont want to use us, dont. please leave the thread.
or dont! the thread seems to be lingering at the top, saves me bumping it i suppose

its highly likely i am the same? been around long enough.

I’d say it mostly is.
A lot of kills means a lot of success :stuck_out_tongue:
And the more you appear on zkill’s first page, the more people will notice you

It’s both a pro and a con, but at that point you’re powerful enough to do whatever

We don’t want to be powerful enough to do whatever we want thats a very Egotistical way of viewing our place in New Eden. We just want to do what our clients desire us to do that’s it. As for refering to previous toons in previous corps it shows experience, neero caesar go check me out. So in finality as getting rather bored with the trolling I second what A Scriv has said and add that also we have following our wars disbanded 4 corporations as per clients remits. We get the job done.

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More visibility means more clients tho, that’s probably the point I was trying to make (I probably got lost somewhere on the way heh)

Have fun doing your thing tho, that’s all.that truly matters

You can tag people using @A_Scriv. :slight_smile:

thatll do it :slight_smile:

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If anything, don’t listen to dim arkaral. He’s a bad player who relies on trolling his victims, no other skills.

Shhhh Holey
Leave these guys alone, they’re doing the one thing you can’t do (leave hubs)

I’m not going to say anything except some people show their obvious paranoia. Aren’t I this person? How many have you accused of this? I have counted 3 or 4…with completely different “writing styles”.

Sorry, I have to mute this thread.

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