Have a problem need a little help?

  • Have a problem with other miners invading your patch ?
  • Cherry picking all the top grade ores/ice ?
  • Monopolising the local market around you forcing your profit margins ever lower ?
  • Mission runners not giving you a look in ?
  • Other issues that you would rather not go into ?
  • Unable or unwilling to take action yourself.

Now you have a solution, Dacian Ressurection.

We will declare war on your competition, we will hunt them, harrass them, destroy their assets all aimed at returning you to top dog in your little patch of New Eden.

Unlike other “Merc” corps in New Eden we are old school, we dont camp trade hubs/routes waiting for either the unwary or stupid WT’s from the large Null Alliances. We are all bitter vets having played since '04 in some face or another (some of those faces still playing in other corps/alliances of course), vets that hark back to the days of war pre 2010 where you had to work to get your target rather than “assist” and or play station games, and or camp, like a turnip slowly rotting under the suns glare. In short we get the job done. We do it with professionalism and honor. We NEVER disclose who employed us nor do we act outside of our remit. Finally IF our client wants terms negotiated then we do our best to have those terms met. We are NOT Merc’s we are freelance guns for hire and diplomats through aggressive means.

Our fees are simple. 600 Mil per week PLUS the cost of the dec payable up front AND 30% of the value of enemy ships killed at the conclusion of the war.

Example – 600 Mil plus war dec fee of 50 Mil giving a total of 650 Mil payable at the time of agreeing the terms of the contract. During the war 2 Bil worth of enemy ships are killed giving a total of 600Mil to be paid at the conclusion of the war. (Failure to pay that will always result in a dec against you).

Discuss your options in game by sending an eve mail to both Crazie Ivan and A Scriv.

Let us be YOUR guns and voice.

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I think you need to re-think your pricing, you have barely any kills all of which are in hubs or within 2 jumps, alot of losses, no reputation and compared to others, very expensive.

I wish you the best


Thanks for the advice there fella, however our clients have been happy to pay our fees and more than happy with our service thus far. It is indeed true that our kills have been near to hubs this however is from pursuing targets to no doubt where they wanted to do business. I shall though take your words on board being from Vendetta yourself.

Hahaha Crazy’Ivan? hilarious if same guy :grinning:

ok, we are a new corp, looking to get started, but between the few members we must have 40 years eve experience.
this varies from high sec mining to merc corps to null sec and everything inbetween
please bear in mind some of our losses (mostly mine) have been having some small scale battles on the undock with randomers.

we will endeavor to increase our kill ratio, and im sure if you were to check up on individuals youd see we can do very well in this field.

You’re the newest group trying to do this charging above top dollar with 0 experience in the field. If you want people to spend their hard earned isk on you after reading this thread I suggest you get some experience and endorsements first. My suggestion (has worked well enough in the past) is to offer your services completely free in exchange for endorsements from a few of the regulars here. Good luck


Yes, I have acquired several trillion isk for an assignment. If you have over 10k kills and less than a 2% loss ratio, you may be viable…per pilot

I think not :smiley:

You’re terrible at being someone that’s not you Holey
(how’s that ban going btw?)

and @Crazie_Ivan, no one would, in their right mind, pay someone with no proof of success that amount…


Can you block crazy people on here?

there is a way, but this isn’t the place for it :wink:

feels like I struck that same ol’ nerve

As a new player I find your advances strange and would wish you well. However, I don’t find eve too much fun and rather have my machinations done 4 me via massive amounts of isk…fresh meat has to be better than what’s available.

What a joke. Haha! Hi Holey! Why don’t you stop by to try to interfere with me anymore?

Who are you? Someone of note in the eve universe?

Since you’re a “new player” I would like to welcome you to Eve Online. I would also like to show you where the door is…

Sad that you have nothing better to do with your time than to keep making new alts to post on a forum you’re banned on.

OP, reputation is earned. Go earn yours first then come back and ask to get paid.

Who are you though? You didn’t answer my question…IF YOU WANT MOUNTAINS OF ISK…

Are you threatening me? I’ve heard you keyboard warriors on eve can be scary.

Holey, don’t be silly. Someone has to be to resident forum stooge. You’re welcome to stay. No one is threatening you. This is your safe place.


As this seems to be a place for really immature discussion…shush son. Can you tell me who you are already and why you’re referring to me in such an honouring way…it’s spelled holy btw guys

Way to go hijacking the thred. Whose to say we have no experience? I personally was running a merc corp on a different face in 2010 with a 96% efficency then that toon went of and joined love squad haven’t played him since. I believe our fees are reasonable as in today’s market it seems the mercs prefer to spend their time decing null sec alliances and camping trade hubs. This has opened the market for the old school merc and that is what we are offering. Now if you guys want to have a petty argument and or of off each other veiled threats either do it I game or choose another thread the doors to the left. Thanks for your input now sod off :blush: