Have you ever wanted to make 500k isk in the most inefficient way?

Well fear not! Now you can https://github.com/skiedude/Eve-Insurance-Fraud

Scan each region of choice for ships that are on Sell order to see which ones you can buy, insure and blow up to make massive profits in the hundreds of thousands of isk.

Right now you can make 2.5 million isk by buying, insuring and destroying 91 bursts in Khanid!

Ship: Burst
 Total Profit: 2,523,871.35
 Total Volume Remaining: 91
 Min price: 235,950.95
 Max Price: 235,950.95

Ship: Sigil
 Total Profit: 26,590.6
 Total Volume Remaining: 2
 Min price: 500,000.0
 Max Price: 500,000.0

Ship: Tormentor
 Total Profit: 131,935.05
 Total Volume Remaining: 13
 Min price: 275,950.95
 Max Price: 275,950.95```

This is cool! I should add this to https://orbitalenterprises.github.io/eve-market-strategies/index.html. What’s the recommended way to mass destruct ships?

If its small ships, probably destroyer and down you can eject from all of them in a certain location then smart bomb them all at once.

Otherwise you could just keep undocking in HS and aggressing and let concord pop you etc

http://wiki.eve-inspiracy.com/index.php?title=Insurance_fraud has some ideas

Become suspect at Jita 4-4 then keep undocking then become suspect again when the timer is up and repeat, you won’t lose sec status that way. Bonus points if you successfully bait some people to shoot you at the last second with missiles for example (or if they have safeties on red and so on) so when the missiles land you are no longer suspect thus they get concordokken and you earn a killright on them. :wink: :smiling_imp:

There is no insurance payment for ships destroyed by CONCORD


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