Having Problems With High Sector Gankers?

If you are having problems with High Sec gankers here is a slight remedy.

  1. Create a new account.
  2. Train all three accounts to use TII small weapons, scramblers, webs and Smart Bombs.
  3. Create a corporation for each account
  4. Harass High Sec ganker stations by sitting out side the station and smart bombing them, webbing their ships on a potential gank and warp scrambling their bump ships while in the process of bumping a target.
  5. The gankers will then war dec your corporation to try and get you to stop your ganks. When they do switch to another corporation and repeat 1 through 4.

If you are good enough you will be able to get the ganker’s PvP Operations to spend 150,000,000 isk a month on war deccing you that if the war decs become revolving then within a years time then you could potentially get the gankers to spend 2.6 billion isk alone on war deccing your Ghost War Dec corporations.

LOL, 2.6 billion ISK in a year’s time. Gankers kill 10 times that much ISK in a single day. By the way, smartbombing them will do nothing in high sec, except get you Concorded. And, like I said in the other thread, you can’t scram an AB, and a Machariel will still hit 1,300 m/s+ on an AB, which is still more than enough to do the job.

Have fun trying all that though…

EDIT: Just a reminder. Carebear ideas NEVER work out in the carebear’s favor. Never…


I feel sorry for you, so I’m going to be benevolent here and try to help you out a bit. Your carebear solutions do not work, and never will work. The only way to counter a bumper, is to gank him, as demonstrated in the following video. Note, however, that this particular bumper didn’t fit any tank. Had he fitted some tank, there’s still a possibility the gank wouldn’t have worked. You’re going to have to fight fire with fire, in other words. So, get some skin in the game and get out there and gank some bumpers.

Good luck, and I’ll see you out there…


You’re ging to get concorded.


or just fly smart and you never see them


Wrong answer. The right answer is get the f@@k out of hi sec and learn to fight.

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The important question is: What on Yulai is “high sector”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is that some region of space where people abuse boosters or something? :joy:


Dryson always refers to sec as sector, instead of security.

TBH, everyone there is high, so high sector fits.


Wardeced OPs new corp last night. And already we get a new thread.

His corp discription is pretty funny, pretends to kill gankers with smartbombs, but the killmails he linked are all from Jen doing regular ganks against bumpers.

Also his killboard is obviously empty except for a pod he lost.

Anyone still surprised?


I dread the day when he deploys his patented “smartbomb tunnel” technique…

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you kidding? i hope someone gets it on camera

Uh, let me break down why this wont work and isnt worth the trouble.

So you want to pay isk/real money for an alt account that does nothing but gank? Okay.

Why would you do this? you cannot use all three characters at once. What is the point of making 3 characters on the same account to gank?

Unless you are talking about making 2 new accounts and training 3 people up for ganking, in which case see Point 1.

Again, why? Whats the point of having a corp. If you are going to gank, then your characters will have low sec status, and will be shoot-on-site. Gankers always laugh at carbears who try to wardec their corp when they are all -10.0.

Smartbombing stations will not work. You need to be a certain amount of kilometers away from the station in order to activate smartbombs. Gankers can just undock and warp right away, and avoid your smartbombs altogether.

Webbing/scramming bumpers/gankers will also not work. Gankers will have a warp-in, so they will be very close to the target to begin with. And Bumpers will laugh as you spend 15 seconds webbing them, and dying to concord, while they continue their bumping, because larger ships like freighters take a whole minute to align and warp.

In other words, you will web them for 15 seconds, and then they will resume their bumping after you are dead.

This is what you carebears never seem to understand. Why do you think wasting isk on wardecs is viable against people who are -10.0 or criminals or people with killrights?

he lost a bunch of proteuses from you guys. I guess he is the one having the most amount of problems from hisec gankers.

In any case, you guys are doing a fine job. o/


Funny thing is that one brave soul :+1: actually tried to scram me once.
The freighter I was bumping still died :dealwithitparrot:

the real funny thing is all he needs to do is web the freighter and avoid the entire thing

That’s just, like, your opinion man…

Gank, switch, gank, switch, gank, switch.

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Funnily enough during Burn Jita I’ve offered several bump victim freighter pilots from my thief alt the opportunity that if they pay me a few hundred million ISK I will send them a duel invite and web them so they can escape but for some odd reason they rather waited for the goon cavalry to arrive and finish them off. Silly them.

(Btw I was prepared to scram them once they sent the ISK and accepted the duel. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiling_imp:)

Its much easier to just log off and do something else for a couple days.

Why would I spend 2.6bil on a year of wardecs, when I could buy 1,300 T1 catalysts with that money to shoot you whenever?