Havoc update

Modify your ambitions
The Ambition Modifier has now been implemented in Havoc, and it will affect the side that regularly wins Insurgencies by requiring more system wins for subsequent victories. In effect, this means that the more victorious one side is, the more it will take to keep the winning streak going. This will make the struggle between suppression and corruption more balanced, the fight more gripping, and the achievement of victory all the sweeter.

Seems like the ambition modifier will make it easier to win the more you lose so they aren’t making the achievement of victory sweeter they are making it easier which is kind of the opposite :slight_smile:

I must be misunderstanding something because this change seems like a buff to pirates since they will likely reach maximum ambition points which gives them 20 solar systems to corrupt before the corruption resets.

  • Does anyone know what a side gets for winning an insurgency?
  • Does anyone know if there are any plans to make the map of insurgencies useful?


I will walk myself out.

The pirates need 20 systems to win, but the empires need much fewer systems right now because they are losing almost every system against the pirates.

One possible outcome is Empire FW will now lose 20 to 2 vice 7 to 2.

Suppression mechanics suck. Empire is not happy with them. I was pirates and said yeah…they suck. Pirates sneeze…we get ticks on the counter. Empire FW work more for every 1% tick.

Empire FW has been getting maybe 2 before burn out set in.

And at some point their people wander to get tags in content bearing tags. Making millions of LP to save a system is great. But that vendor will say that LP is useless with no tags.

Ramp up is probably not fixing this. It not see buffs till mostly done. Empire FW is doing tag content days later. Or pushing front systems and not rear guard. I had days it wasn’t empire Fw roams you were ducking. It be snuffed day. 10’s of them running around and slumming in the hood.

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