Pirate & Empire Faction Tags

Hello CCP,

shortly after Havoc went online, we can already see many new wartargets in FW space. We have a lot of interesting things to shoot and it will only continue when the sites start spawning.

We do have a little problem though; it is impossibe to make a difference between Empire wartargets and Pirate wartargets without clicking show info on all of them. I myself live in the Calgal WZ and in a three way fight, we usually shoot Pirates before Frogs.

This patch opens a whole new world of tactics, alignment and betrayal. Depending on the systems, the empire factions might decide to temporarily work together in order to fight the pirates or one faction works with the pirates to get the I-Hub vulerability after the insurgency.

In any case, we need a possibility to see the difference between both types or wartargets. Please add a third militia star to the overview, so we can change their colours.

This would also greatly enhance an FCs ability to decide wheter to take a fight or run. An orange wall of ennemy ships often makes us warp off, but if this wall has actually two colours because they are fighting eachother, we go in and take the fight!

Thank you for your time and in the hope of seeing this in game soon,


If you are a member of one of the militias, please consider tellling us about your militia and your experiences with this problem. It would be great to have different points of view through all four groups!

If you have nothing constructive to say, say nothing please. I would like this thread to show up, not because of it’s need to be modereated, but because of it’s (imho important) message and content.

Fly safe!

Agreed, being able to differentiate teams is vitally important to situational awareness of the FC’s and Fleet members.


Definitely agree. Pirates and empire FW need to be able to be differentiated at a glance.


+1 to this


+1 agree with this. More colors in general. But prio for FW WTs please


This is very good feedback - me and my team completely agree and have been discussing ways to improve this visibility.

We’re still in the process of making follow-up improvements and this is part of the discussions - hopefully more to share soon!


Wow, great, thank you! That was fast :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to the future settings!

with the havoc expansion, ccp released a color picker for ui elements. The same code could be used for overview ui colors.


yeah i agree, kinda confusing to see a local with mostly neuts, which then jump you cause they actually are pirate militia

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If I might add something, would there be a way to put the number and size in front of the outpost thing? It fits really badly into the probe scanner :slight_smile:

Screenshot (2094)

It’s great we already got answer about the tags! I live in FW and I love the changes, so I might have a few things I notice. I would like to put them into this chat, maybe some of them can be of use.

Thanks you and fly safe!


The straight forward solution re:op seems to be to set standings towards Militias

True, but sadly it is impossible to set standings towards a full militia. You need to set standings for every single corp & pilot.

Any updates on this?

not yet :slight_smile:

Any updates

You likely wont see any update on this from CCP until it or some variation of it, is implemented.

Yes, would like to see the Orange Star for pirates changed into something more distinguishable

Yes! like maybe a yellow one or something.

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