Heard on missions channel ingame - SOE 45% reduction in LP nerf

THere was a discussion today around upcoming CCP nerfs to reduce the LP per mission by 45% for SOE missions. Why??


Did this come from a credible source - i.e. a CCP employee? If not, I’d simply ignore it. CCP already have a full plate, it’s hard to imagine they’re worrying about mission LP. They could accomplish the same result a lot easier by reducing the drop rate for Nexus chips.

Well thats why i asked here because seems very heavy handed to do to folks running missions. Just wanted clarification or proof.

Also on side note where doe those nexus chips drop anyhow ive never had one

Some drone combat anomalies will drop them.

Nexus chips are procured at the LP stores of R&D corps.

They can drop from rogue drone sites in Nullsec. Original announcement:

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theres a bunch of people spreading stuff with no proof.

ive heard so far
removing ore from empire
suspect for incursion runners
suspect for bastion mode
removing lvl 4s from empire

I don’t think it’s a bunch of people, I think it’s one person deliberately starting these rumours to try and cause rage quits from EVE. Others may then carry this on unknowingly.

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