Heat damage from heavy fleet combat

I don’t think the current incarnation of healing in EVE online is ideal, due to its all-or-nothing nature. Either you have the DPS/alpha to break the enemy fleet, or you don’t and nothing dies. This problem isn’t easy to deal with simply by applying stat nerfs to logi, though - there’s a pretty thin line between “logi is so good it dominates the meta” and “logi is so bad no one uses it.” This is essentially what CCP were trying to solve for supercapital combat with diminishing returns, but this won’t have much influence on subcapital fights, nor should it, since it would only kick in at fleet sizes >100 where ships just get alpha’d anyway. I think the best way to make logi less dominant without nerfing it into the ground would be to cause buffer and resist modules to generate heat and take heat damage when absorbing very high DPS.

The intention wouldn’t be to change anything about PvE or solo combat, which is why there would be a “threshold” below which heat damage doesn’t occur. However, if ships began to lose extenders, plates, and hardeners after getting primaried in a fleet fight and taking damage around 4 times their EHP in <30 seconds, this would prevent the kind of stalemates that are all too common in medium-scale fleet combat. Logi would still be useful for extending the lifespan of fleet ships, but it would be nearly impossible to keep someone alive forever. Besides leading to more pretty space explosions, I think this change would also introduce more variety into the meta by reducing the importance of alpha strike, which has currently led to a pretty stagnant meta of arty Machs for medium fights, and Muninns, Feroxes, or Eagles for big ones.

This post shows me you have been flying with poor FCs

It is not a binary system. There is plenty each side can do to change if you can kill/avoid being killed.

E-War, Target swapping, range management, ammo swapping, fleet splitting and more. It’s only binary when you’re working with FCs that only know how to tell their fleet you ancore and call a primary.

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When I compare you guys killboards to see the difference between the poor FC I think I’ll go with the poor guy.
With that said I think logi is fine as is. Its hard enough to get people to fly logi and if you make it to where more people scream because they died it may be impossible.
What ever happened with logi showing up on kills?

Healing is WoW.

Stopped there.


CCP thought about adding heat damage as a way to hurt an enemy ship once. They abandoned it, what we have not is built upon that idea.

The idea that prolonged fighting would generate heat on a ship, or combat fatigue, isn’t an awful idea… but ask yourself why that would be good.

Say you are in a big fleet as you mention, why would heat generation be useful over changing how players from from what it is now. A shitty version of “everyone shoot this” followed by “everyone shoot that”
I feel like that should change before anything else. Still, prolonged fighting causing minor heat to build up isn’t a bad idea, but the structure bashers wouldn’t like it at all.

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