Heat map of a day ratting in a wormhole

I used the tool “WhatPulse” to make a heat map of where i click when im ratting in a wormhole:

Take a look:

Im soon gonna post the heat map of a day in Nullsec,day in lowsec and day in highsec.


V is your friend you never call


I use V very often but i also click the button manually

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Why ?

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You need to chat in local more!


You can avoid two of the biggest heat spots with keybinds.

D-scan keybind (whatever you use for it) and Alt-Tab.

I was told by Vinnie that is against the Law of WHS to do that.

What he doesnt know wont hurt him…

Do you have 1000 points? I know that I do! Quotes like that might end up on as a Karren Complaint!

heat map last night

i think its a heat map of where youre looking at when watching p*rn…

so close and yet so far :stuck_out_tongue:
could not post the answer
i guess i pushed the limit already

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