Heaven's End (C4 WH PVP) Recruiting

Hi all,

Heaven’s End is currently recruiting 2-3 pilots who play USTZs (01:00 to about 05:00 Eve time) to round out our fleets.

40 million or more combat SPs
Able to fly our doctrine ships within 30 days.
Basic familiarity with scanning / wormhole space

Alternate recruitment:

  • looking for 1-2 miners / industrialists that are not pants on head dumb.

What we offer:
Knowledgeable pilots
Laid back atmosphere that doesn’t involve feeding ships
Small tight knit group so you don’t get lost in the masses.
Corp purchased ammo / mods
Corp roams / hunts
350-500 million ISK/ratting hour in C5s.

If you’re an adult, have kids, can’t play every single day, you’re fine. We’re all in our late 20s, 30s or 40s and understand that RL happens. What we offer is quality PVP content, good access to ISK generation, and what we need is more bodies so we can take the bigger fights that are regularly available to us.

Hit me up with an in-game mail.

Svodola Darkfury

USTZ Bump. This would be in our primary play window (00:00 to about 05:00).

USTZ Bump. Recruitment open, this is our prime window.

US TZ Bump. Recruitment still open, looking for folks who can play US TZ 01:00-05:00.

US TZ bump. Still recruiting.

Still looking for a couple more pilots!

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