Heavy Assault Missles or Torpedos for lvl4 Rattlesnake?

Title says it.

Do you mean rapid heavies? Really depends on how you want to fit the rest of the ship mate…

Personally I like rapid heavies, heavy drones and straight up brawling.

Cruise Missiles. Fury with TP/GC melt BS, Precision and drones make quick work with cruisers, BC and frigates. And you have the range to engage anything and disengage with the MJD and still shoot. No other missile is as suitable for missions and PVE in general as Cruise missiles.


What is TP/GC?

I like brawling. I’ll check out the rapid heavies.

Rapid heavy

Target Painter + Missile Guidance Computer (with Accuracy script).

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What Yiole said. I forgot the M in MGC, my bad.

Honestly, if you want to go cruise grab a RNI. Way better platform for cruise application. If you want to be a real man about it brawl that badboy.

Drake (Obligatory)

Difficult to answer for the Rattlesnake because all launchers you can fit get the damage bonus.
Heavy assault missiles need a stasis webifier or grappler to apply the damage. Heavy missiles need at least one guidance computer and torpedoes need a target painter, a rigor rig and a guidance computer.
Depending on what you choose, you need to make more or less trade offs with your tank and or speed of the ship.
My personal favorite are cruise missiles but you can choose whatever you want - even rockets.

Polarized torpedos all the way. 10/10

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