Rattlesnake - Cruise or Rapid Heavy

Trying to figure out what would be the best option here.

I’m going to be doing havens, possibly sanctums, as well as any 10/10s that I get. Seen fits with both cruise and heavy, so curious what the general consensus is on this these days.

Ive been using cruise recently, mainly just due to my skills.

They’re fine for havens


rapid heavy.

T2 kinetic heavy - 515 isk - 191 dmg
T2 kinetic cruise - 640 isk - 525 dmg

Whats they point of losing money, when you want to get it?

fury cruise : 567m, 58 m/s
fury heavy : 241m, 68 m/s
cruise apply three time less to smaller targets

what’s the point on losing time when you can get more money in that same time ?

There are so many small targets in havens and sanctums… really…

half of them is not much… really…

Not for sentry rattle.

using sentry snake … really …

I use rapid heavy missiles on smaller stuff and drones exclusively on bs any left over missiles before a reload go on bs.

what is wrong with a sentry rattle?

Not attacking or anything, Ive been doing them with a sentry at 50km and not having any problems.

Are brawlers just better?

I have nothing against sentry rattle. I have something against people who can’t make proper explanation and use “…really…” without adding anything else.

However, sentry rattle deals less DPS than heavy rattle
also cruise eat a lot more cpu than rapid heavy and deal around same dmg (more on bs , less on smaller)

sentries need to be at long enough range to shoot something(longer than their orbit range to make them go toward you)

so yeah, brawler rattle is just better. (better tank, better apply, better dps, but worse buffer and worse range)

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Generally speaking, they aren’t better.
It’s all about personal preference, so it’s very subjective.

The Cruise+MJD+Sentry sniper build to me is very boring.
The RHML+AB+Heavies brawler is a little more exciting due to the shorter ranges involved which increases the incoming damage.

They are both very valid PVE options, and each is worth recommending.
It’s just a question of discovering for yourself which you prefer to use.

At 50km its pretty horrible. Either get closer and go ubber tank and pop Heavy ogres + Rapid Heavies for far more DPS or get further (MJD) and snipe with cruise + wardens.

Heavy Ogres can do far more DPS then sentries can (you can of course use faction specific heavies), their problem is that they move slow and if they get too far and pick up too much agro, they won’t make it back to you in time, thus you use them on brawler fits. Just rotate 2 flights of them, one is out while the otehr regens its shields inside your drone bay.

You can also use T2 valks for frigates. They have plenty of tracking by themselves to take out even fast moving elite frigs much faster then light drones would.

Snipe fit rattler is OKish, but I don’t like it. MJD + Cruise + Wardens. Neet to run a lot of drone tracking script using modules + rattler targeting range sucks (its under 100km, i forgot the exact number) so you need to boost it, switch the tracking scripts in your modules to range, MJD away and start. Easy peasy, but some missions do good damage up to 200km and then it gets a bit wonky cause your MJD is on CD and your tank slots are filled with stuff for tracking / extending range.

You can of course bling it to hell, but I prefer to fly fits that top out around 1-1.1 Bil, hull included for battleships. Taking that into account, there are better choices then rattler or marauders.

I’ve tried many fits but sentry+cruise rattle worked the best for me

can you do a vid with rapid heavies too ?

Ok ill give a brawler fit a go, but how do you handle the waves of the neuts?

My set up is just cruise and sentries no jump. I sit at 50km out and use sentries if anything gets too close I’ll send a gecko

Damn that was a fast clear,

Are your skills at V? My drone skills are all V just need to improve the cruise missiles and get BS to V