Heavy launcher bug or feature simulating launcher jam?

I have a Tengu fitted with 6 Heavy Assault Missile Launchers ||, load is 66 missiles, auto reload is on, grouped in 2 groups.
Once a while during firing cycle I 'm getting message “missile launcher has run out of charges” and launchers stop firing. But, indicator shows something like 14-16 left and they are not start reloading automatically.In cargo I have more than 2K missiles of loaded type. Manually reloading launcher group fixes an issue.
It happened like 8-10 times in last 3 days , and can cause a problem if you trying to keep constant dps.
So, Is it bug or feature simulating launcher jam?
ps. Had similar issue couple times on golem wit rapid heavy missiles, so it looks like affecting other launchers

That sounds like a bug. I would file a bug report and maybe a support ticket.

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