Serious issue with firing/reloading

My toons are experiencing a problem with firing/reloading.

I have enough ammo loaded, i have all weapons online, I have all weapons stacked. Randomly, weapon stops firing at given number and it reports out of ammo, while there is still ammo loaded in guns.

So far this happened on 3 different characters with 2 different ships.

Twice in catalyst where it fired two shots and then stopped (one toon three times already). Once with tornado with autocannons where it failed at 8 ammo. Since the catalysts were suicide when this happened it was quite a big deal and resulted in failed gank. With tornado, this kept happening repetively. Each time the weapons stopped firing at 8 ammo I reloaded, started firing again until it hit 8 ammo again at which point it failed again. This issue was fixed by unloading ammo from guns and reloading. However thats just workaround.

Press F12 ingame then press the Report Bug Button. Best right after this happened, this will compile a set of recent data the devs can work with.

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