Heavy Warp Scrambler Use

It’s proposed that battleships could be getting an EHP buff in a future patch. Could this make the Heavy Warp Scrambler find a niche? In low-sec the default way to tackle a supercarrier is to use a Heavy Interdiction Cruiser. A battleship with a heavy warp scrambler cannot tackle a super, but 4 can. If battleships have more EHP than HICs, maybe this can be a use for them in the future? In the current game, I think these things use a lot of powergrid, and while disabling MWD at 12.75 km sounds really good, you’re better off with a normal scrambler so you can use more PG for tanking modules unless the tackle target is warp stabilized (in which case the strength is nice and it’s probably not shooting at you).

Supercarriers apply a lot better to battleships than cruisers, so while the significant EHP buff will make things a bit more even, it won’t make HICs obselete by any means.

The HIC is necessary for the inital tackle, so you’re pretty much guaranteed at least one on grid anyway, and while putting heavy warp scrams on your bhaalgorns (for example) can be a decent back-up, you could do that previously. It just makes it a little bit easier for logi on grid to get reps applied in time, or gives a few extra seconds for a back-up HIC to arrive.

I doubt it’s going to really affect heavy warp scram usage a great deal.

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Battleships cant fit Heavy warp scrams? they are capital modules


Example of heavy warp scrams on a battleship used for super tackle


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