Navy Issue Haulers

Hey, i was thinking of a new variation haulers that are basically Navy Issue and the only difference is that they they got lots of armor, shield and structure as well as high resists too maybe. This way they might survive long enough for police to arrive in case of a gank but they might not be better otherwise hehe

Maybe they could also get a boost to ECM so there is a 100% chance to break any and all locks on them near max skills?


Why not pirate faction haulers that come with built in hauling permits?



For the win!

What you have suggested is called a DST.


I sense an Alpha afoot…

Faction haulers with Increased HP isnt going to impact ganking much since gankers are set up to more or less insta pop freighters with like 400k EHP. And a faction hauler with more EHP than a freighter would be kind of sus.

However the ECM idea has potential but i dont know much how ECM works. But being able to cancel all locks on you would definitely reduce ganking among other things.

ECM is simple, but single target. There used to be a module to do something like that which was removed on purpose.

There’s ECM burst jammers, which are risky to use in hisec and will get you concordukken.
Target Spectrum Breakers kind of do this, but they’re Battleship Only modules. And with a TSB, they can instantly relock you.

TSBs got reworked into signature suppressors that make your battleship’s sig slightly smaller all the time and a lot smaller for a period when activated.

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