Warp Core Stabs vs Warp Scrambler, what exactly happen

One question from novice. I was ganked near stargate, while travelled with goods on Mammoth. I fitted on it 3 Warp Core stabilzer to be able escape from occasional lone gankers. But still I wasn’t able to do. For some reasons my warp was interrupted. Killer was on Phobos and used Warp Scrabler. I can’t get what exactly happened. As I didn’t find any Warp scrablers with more that 3 strenth and can be fit on Phobos (with PG about 1400). From other side, log didn’t show using of any other warp-breaking modules. And now I’m confused, what could be happen that time?

Did he bump you? If you’re not aligned you can’t warp.

What does it mean, bump?

Bump menas he hit your ship with his own one, so your ship lost alignment. But I think he even did not need to. Faction scram has 3 points strength. He also could have 2 scrams fitted.

To travel through low sec learn the MWD/Cloak trick. Google for videos with explanation how to do it.

Thank you. I will look at the technique you suggestd.

I haven’t flown a HIC for 5+ years so it may have changed but we used to call warp scripts “infinipoint” because they ignored warp core stabs…

Still works the same, just different variations for disruption and scrambler

That is your answer. The Phobos is a special ship class called “Heavy Interdictor” which can use a module called “Warp Disruption Field Generator”. This module can be loaded with a script to turn it into a standard warp disruptor or warp scrambler but with a lot more warp disruption points (100 if I am not mistaken). There is no ship that can fit enough warp core stabilizers or has enough role bonuses to counter that number.

Thank you. Much more information. Still, he had quite low dps. About 350 or so.

That sounds a little anemic, but it is not surprising. Heavy Interdictors are not exactly known for their damage dealing potential.

They have stupid powerful tanks though.

A Phobos is also known for gate / wh-exit camping capabilities. They may even follow you through frigate wormholes.
And as Rivr said, the warp disruption field generator is a modules that only the heavy interdictor class ships can fit. They do have infinite strength and will keep even titans on the ground.
Though the Phobos is more often used to close unstable wormholes or camping, the other 3 are used for pinning capitals.
The Onyx is probably the best heavy interdictor for pinning down sooper doopers.

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