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Good evening i hope everyone is flying happy my first post and a quick question. If i transfer assets to corp can other players see that my corp has assets?

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o/ and welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy it here.

In relation to your question, they can only see that your Corp has assets if they come across them in space.

For example, if you transfer POCOs or Citadels from one Corp to another, no one can see that, except if they happen to see those assets, which show who owns them. If you transfer personal assets into Corp hangars though, no one without the right roles in your Corp can see them at all (since they aren’t something you would see in space).


Thank you for answering much appreciated.

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Don’t mind the trolls :wink:

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Eve trolls = best trolls imo, takes some semblance of intelligence to participate in this game its vast and the possibilities endless. This is going to be fun o7 thanks for the welcome.

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Did that trigger you?

Anywho, good luck @Xiombarg_Ohmsford :slight_smile:

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