Hello I am new to the Forum!

I am The Woodcutter and I’ve been a space game fan forever now! This game is hella fun, thanks for having me!

This is what I have: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Caracal
This is what I ultimately want to make it to mastering right now: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Cerberus

Go Hard!

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Welcome to EVE!


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Welcome. Not a bad choice in ship.

Welcome to New Eden.
The Caracal has a lot to be said for it, the Cerberus isn’t something I’ve flown - but other HACs, Heavy Assault Cruisers are a lot of fun and hugely capable. Don’t focus on it at the cost of missing some of the basic skills - T2 shields, good missile skills and so forth.

Use your first while to find out what you enjoy (I like industry - it appeals to the puzzle box worrier in me), and then reach out to similar minded individuals and look at the options of joining a group - Eve is a social game really!

Good luck and fly as safely as you wish!

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OK, I cannot stop laughing at that gif…



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freaks me out every time i see it

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