Hello! Minner finds a Whorm

And loses the way to get out… Plus… the probes are back home…

Is there any hope for me? Or should I just get an hero death against sleepers and my Heron?

Your advice, will be grateful!


How much isk do you have tied up in your ship/clone? Sleepers wont pod you so you would still have to self destruct.

Is there a rescue container in the wh with you? it might have instructions on how to get help? Although it could be a trap as I have never used one. And, you can always always ask the locals for help. We always helped players who asked for help. No honor in killing a goldfish in a bowl.

i have nothing except some light drones! :smile:

well, the ship its not a lot, some module, yeah a bit expensive, but the worst will be the implants…

but, hey, found a wh… yeeeee

thks MB

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