Hello to you all!

Hello dear fellow forum members!

I finally joined the ISD team :slight_smile:

My name is ISD Traindriver and I am from Germany.

Some small info about my person:
I am a middle aged player. Since the 1980s I have played just about every space game and, what can I say - Eve gave me the most intense gaming experience I had experienced until then.

I quickly became part of a nice corporation and over the years I have experienced a lot. Most of the time, to be honest, I studied tutorials and wikis to understand the incredible depth of the game.
Eve has one of the best communities I’ve experienced, and that’s why I became part of the ISD team - to give something back to the players, the developers, this great community and help it grow.

I hope to see you in the forum, and maybe also ingame…



Hello and welcome! :slight_smile:

Welcome! :slight_smile:

PS - Is there a reason for the name? I’m just curious.

Tachchen. Hopefully you prepared yourself well for the coming experience and didn’t fall for CCP’s lull. :slight_smile:


o7 fly safe


Driving trains means carrying and moving heavy loads.
I just hope that I also succeed here :wink:


Welcome and good luck.

Welcome - here’s to carrying the load well

o7 may your forehead grow like the mighty oak.


Hi and congratulations on your appointment to the ISD Corps.

I look forward to meeting you so you can answer all my in-game questions in a timely matter in the “help” channels. :smirk:


Did they bring you in to babysit the remaining six regular posters and their alts? Soon to be even less as there’s no one left for them to argue with.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Hello. Congrats and welcome :clap:

Hello! Nice to meet you!

Welcome to the pool…


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In the Spring season of 1954, the French were losing their grip on “French Indochina”(Vietnam) and their terrible defeat at the important seige battle of Dien Bien Phu was the point that that war ended.

Near the end of that two-month battle the French Foreign Legion Paratroops were sent to jump into what was a deteriorating situation and were essentially wasted on a suicide mission.

At the time, much of the French Foreign Legion consisted of Germans (things in Germany hadn’t gone so well after WW2, and getting a paycheck probably seemed desirable…among some other possible reasons…)

But German volunteers being sent into a situation of…limited hope…has of course no reflection on you and EvE I’m sure.

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welcome to the crazy fun house.

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Welcome! I wish you patience in the first place. :slight_smile:

Speaking of trains, one of my favorite songs from the last few years.