Helms Deep! Friends and space available in high/low security!

Hello! We are the Sparkle Parlour and I would like to extend the opportunity for more great pilots to come join us out here in Helms Deep! We have great friendly people here and are making a market and mining. If you would like to join us, please check out Helms Deep, otherwise known as Ohvarainen if you’re thinking of moving to a new, great location! Contact me in game or join channel Ohvarainen to speak with area corporations and friends!

We are only 10-12 jumps from Amarr, right next to thriving Amarr Faction Warfare zone, and we have our own little islands available for living in our friendly community. Access to moon mining, ore processing, production and research, level 3’s and 4’s and more! Come today and take a vacation! Check Helms Deep out! :slight_smile:

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Always looking for new members of the Sparkle Parlour!

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