HELP!!About the top-up

I logged in the official website and spent 9.9€of the special package, but the money was deducted, and the account has not yet become Ω. The complaint showed that I did not verify my email, but my email status has been verified, may I ask what should I do? Please help me!!

If it takes longer than an hour to show up, please chat with support here: →

Hello there is still an unresolved problem, what should I do?

Hello, I have submitted the ticket, but no one has contacted me so far, please reply me on the forum, I have spent 9.9€special package through the credit card, but this package only has a 24-hour time limit, may I ask when you can help me solve my problem, will you not be able to enjoy this discount after this time? Please help me, thank you!

The support staff can’t help me with the problem, what should I do? Because I sent the ticket through the support center and also sent the email, but no solution has been given to me so far.

ISD’s can’t help, and neither can anyone on the forum, you are going to have to wait until support can get in touch with you unfortunately

Well, first of all thank you for your answer, I still wait for the support staff’s reply,。Thanks!

They some times take a few day’s to respond.