Help agent missions

I quited the industry missions by exident because i did something wrong they asked me to make a civillian and i thought its for me face palm and i cant blue print it anymore, so now can i get back in the industry career??? Helps plz

f12 key > help center > submit ticket >missions in progress

Politely explain and request reset.


thank you

I’m not sure I understand your situation. Correct me if/where I’m wrong plz:

  • you are running missions in the industry carreer path
  • your agent gave you a blueprint to craft the stuff
  • you started the production job
  • then cancelled the production
  • and now you have neither BPC nor the product to hand over

If I’m correct, send me a mail in-game with the BPC you need (just drag the BPC icon from your mission “read details” window to the mail window) and where you’d need it. I’ll see if I can get that to you :wink:

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