Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope

CCP do not listen to “the imperium” they’ll listen to anyone sheparding 20k+ subs, influencers, being on the CSM is a representation of sub clout.

I’m sure the novelty of having an unpaid influencer job wears off after 1 term of CSM. The CSM like all things lacks transparcy and they do get heads up on changes as evidenced by common market swings many weeks before changes. However this is not unique to the CSM and can be seen when corrupt Devs also drop upcoming game changes to their mates, CSM or not.

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BoB was a “one-off”…wasn’t it? I agree with you, life is full of corruption. I’ve never witnessed any aspect of life that didn’t have corruption, on one level or another.

That permanent stain on the record keeps them honest.
They see you watching.
Nice none accusation by the way.

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