Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope

CCP has become the Galactic Empire, with most players being members of the Rebellion. As such, we need to join forces and coordinate our efforts to maximize our bargaining power. A bunch of loosely arranged rebels will never have influence over the Empire.

I hear people complaining daily about changes to the game that no one wanted or asked for. CCP just turns a blind eye and continues with business as usual.

Surely there’s a leader out there that can “take on the mantle”.

You mean @Brisc_Rubal ?

He would be my second to the last choice. Can you guess my last choice?

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O you must mean @Aiko_Danuja!

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Obviously missing me while I play Cyberpunk 2077 after the 1.5 patch hit…, have fun.

And what do you have against Brisc, I find him a rather fun and engaging fellow who speaks to people at least. I think he also listens and tries to understand fairly complex game play that he does not do himself.

I rate him rather highly actually, as long as you take into account his bias towards nullsec play of course, which is natural. You would be biased towards ganking in what you would put forward. Be honest, though I know that is difficult for you lot.

An even more cruel and evil empire owns Kenobi now. :stuck_out_tongue:


The player base is not united and if CCP listened to its most vocal parts I can promise you that Eve online would have been run into the ground many moons ago.

In all things balance is needed but it is clear that balance is well out of whack, for example Abyssal space is providing a safe haven of ratting, free of any PVP. This closeted instance environment goes against every thing eve is about & needs nerfed into the ground.

Botting is still rampant devaluing player activity, CCP instead takes a sledge hammer to the environment instead of tackling the actual problem, the bots.

ESI is still allowing single players to micro manage 1000’s of activity & other players solo.
ESI is still allowing out of game bots to dominate the market, driving real players from it. In my opinion the player market is eve’s biggest selling point & the heart of the sandbox yet CCP seem absolutely determined to kill it.

Game moderation is still not peer reviewed, how can anyone take the sandbox seriously when game Mods work on a whim & change the score in secret and whenever they feel like?


The creator owns and controls. Under that principle CCP is God.
Most players are apathetic.
That mantle is a noose. Keep on your toes folk.

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Nah…forget Obi-Wan…if you really want things done you need Captain Janeway…

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Just as with the CSM. Brisc would just tilt everything towards himself and his cronies at the expense of everyone else.

Imperium/CCP corruption has been what is wrong with Eve Online since at least 2009.

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I nominate myself :smiley:


The Empire brought peace and order to the galaxy. Meanwhile, the rebels were nothing but a bunch of terrorists hiding behind civilians.

When the Empire fell and the New Republic was formed, it took them like a single decade to turn the entire thing into a boondoggle plutocracy/oligarchy under the guise of a fake democracy with pointless deadlocks and a widening wealth gap. They were so arrogant and carebearish at the same time that they scrapped most of their military power (just like the carebears in EVE want—to basically ban anything and everyone associated with using a weapon for anything other than shooting at Guristas), and then acted exactly like these EVE carebears act when presented with an emerging threat: initially denied its possibility, and then panicked and complained to any authorities within earshot (who had no clue how to address it) once it was too late.

I don’t want that for EVE. The OP’s gripe is essentially that they’re not banning all the griefers and not increasing mining yields and mission pay by 1,000%, turning this game into the same kind of short-term instant gratification Skinner Box grindfest that they’re used to playing on their cell phones. Then the moment that some other farming simulator game comes along and captures their attention (i.e. the analogue for the hidden fleet in the Unknown Regions), they’ll bail and leave the rest of us to pick up the pieces. No thanks. I’d much rather have CCP take proactive measures as a respectable centralized power, and leave the players themselves to act independently like federated states.


No sir. Who is Aiko Danjua? I was referring to “The Mittens”.

Very much, this.

Would be a good nominee.

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He doesn’t even play anymore.

Mittens NEVER played…and yet…

I think Dracvlad does play.

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Ah. Just a troll thread.


You’re by far the worst of the Trolls.


That you Arc :smiley: